Who is Dulce Ruby?

Explorer, Guide & Creator
About Dulce Ruby

As an artist of written, visual and audio formats, Dulce Ruby aims to connect with & awaken the masses.

Through exploration and expression of both inner & outer worlds, she shares insight and content in regards to both spiritual & physical matters. Via her site and usage of tools such as social media, she has been able to further extend her reach and continues to utilize these platforms for connectivity, reflection and service.

Dulce Ruby works in meditational guidance, coaching and leading while maintaining continuous practice and study around the globe. She has come to partner with various companies and organizations in order to spread the message of peace, positivity & possibility. She hopes to awaken the masses to Self-­awareness, empowerment, and love ­so that we may all find our Self awakening to our truth & limitless potential.

She believes that we are all divine beings of purity and that beyond the doors of chaos, lives peace..

And the key, is meditation.

International Country Coordinator at WPI

Coordinator and Host of the first ever PIPO (Peace In, Peace Out) events & tour in the USA, Dulce Ruby has brought about 33 events to this day all over the nation to inform, speak on and spread world peace through global meditations and workshops.

Speaker & Storyteller

As a conscious student of the Universe, Dulce Ruby has had the opportunity to share insight in hopes to empower, inspire & awaken the masses at corporate levels, conferences, summits, schools and universities.


As an explorer of both inner & outer worlds, Dulce Ruby aims to capture both the beauty of our physical world & the magic of our inner world through a variety of art forms. From visuals such as photography and poetry, to audio meditations and spoken word – she shares her views & perspective.

Art Director & Content Creator

A natural creative, Dulce Ruby finds inspiration in every moment and has been contracted around the globe to aid in developing brands, advertisements and content for those who seek her aid, vision & magical touch.  From companies and organizations, to tourism boards and establishments, she helps build momentum in pure form & intent.

Collaboration Inquiries

Currently partnered up with some of the most influential organizations, brands and individuals of our generation, Dulce Ruby is a positive force to remember.  Confident in her works, she finds the greatest potential in all she crosses paths with and brings out the most beautiful attributes in order to showcase such through her works.

If you wish to work with Dulce Ruby, please send your inquiry to: dulceruby@me.com