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ACTIV8∞8 Your Limitless Potential

August 8th, 2015


Today is (allways) a very important one of presence, innerstanding and acceptance.  Through this present (Lions/Stargate) portal, we are being gifted, opened up & welcomed to new opportunities, roles, and perspectives on various levels & planes of existence.

What I have been seeing amongst the lp of beautifully flowing energies (friends, mentors, etc. that love, support, learn from and share as One with), is that there is this weaving pattern of clearing & closer knit bonding taking place.  For example, it’s likely you (or someone you know) have recently gone/are currently going through a loss (of a loved one, lover, work, sense of Self, etc.), or have begun a-new (relationship, bond, career, family, thrilling/passion-filled/fulfilling Life). 

There is this undeniable flow of energy being gifted to us. This infinite Yin-Yang vibe flowing about & through, I feel is our absolute balance coming into frequency. 

We are amidst a purge so that we can become aware of and repair or release negativity, limits, injustices and illusions by awakening to & detaching from them.  Though sacrifices are made, our concern for our future now halts great reward (hence why we start revolutions).

The black & the white come to see that there is grey matter and that what we think we see is but mere illusion of separation.  We then come more into innerstanding that the really good (light, positive vibes, open minds, peace & love movements) and the really bad (war, famine, duality creating inequality & death) are now meant to awaken as One to see that they are but reflections of Self, and that in Harmony they are All that Is.

You must solely awaken this of yourSelf, ‘YOU ARE ALL THAT IS.’

What is an activation exactly?

A beautiful healing, cleansing experience where if we remain aware of such vibrations/data being transmitted/downloaded into our Self – AND committed to taking action & flight – WE WILL SOAR!

As I said in my last post ‘Why Our Soul Needs Us to Disconnect to Reconnect’,

Moving forward… we take note of not solely the energy we surround ourSelf with, but that in which we emanate as well.  We focus further into Wholeness – matching and reflecting mirrored balanced vibrations. This vibrational healing presence, this prayer, this balance awareness – this conscious equal energy exchange – is what raises our vibration so that we may heal & recall the Universal truth that We Are All.  Here, we ARE. And within Wholeness & awareness of our BEING, we glow & grow.

We must radiate & be present in Wholeness – matching, igniting, and reflecting balanced vibrations – taking daily moments to ourSelf to relax, reflect, release & re-member.  Disconnect & Re-Connect with All of ourSelf, so that we may (ACTIV8) our true potential, purpose & power.


Meditative reminder for Today & every day here-forth:

“Take a deep, conscious breath in… and out. Do so seamlessly until you feel the calm of your spirit filling you with every inhale and exhale.

When you feel that you are in a space & state of being where you are clear and present, allow yourSelf to BE within this clarity & presence of innerstanding. 

Allow this beautiful conscious flow of energy to soothe your Soul and aid you on your journey.

TODAY and every day here-forth,

through Wholeness & Balanced Vibrations may we activate the truth & power within.

You are as the phoenix arising from the ashes of remembrance of Self.  As the snake shedding skin you have now outgrown & released yourSelf (of past life karmic debt, habits, programmings, illusions).  Blossoming as a Lotus from muddy waters, You are now a more clear, refreshed and limitless Self.”


Through this meditation:

  • Set your intentions
  • Release what no longer resonates with who you Are, does not serve higher good/purpose or grows you
  • Acknowledge & Be grateful for all of the blessings in your life
  • Accept that you are deserving and capable of abundance in all forms
  • Take flight!


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See you in the stars…

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