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Today is a very special Day – as is EVERY – and within this presence we are gifted with the love & care we sought.  On a day where we gather and find ourSelf with those we love & care for, may we TRULY take this moment to recognize & appreciate all we are & have – and be conscious of/in our consciousness. Whom We *chose to align orbits/surround ourSelf/cross paths/journey* with on this beautiful journey, are/is a mere mirror – a reflection of -said- Self.  The present, then, is Within – ALL – and who We ARE.  This is our gift, this is true Life – our Self, awakened.. to Self.

Having & Being are separate – Same as with how what you own does not define who you are, or even with how one can ‘lack’ or ‘create’ (/dismiss) time.  When having to consider the illusion/limitation of ‘time,’ I can say it’s been quite the year.  And though I can’t speak for all, I know that most of us can say the same.  We are continuously creating, projecting, vibrating and emanating; and with that, in constant motion.  Whether in chaos or stillness, our frequency can be felt throughout and within.  Whether we see Life as a summary of events, experiences, exchanges of energy, or emotions – endings or new beginnings – what we can be sure of, is that it is forever changing, evolving, teaching and gaining – momentum/being/remembrance.

May every Day we wake up, may we see with clarity & believe with knowing;

May we give thanks & accept; be thankful & be gifted.

May each moment be enjoyed & appreciated, and may this love be reciprocated eternally.

May Peace be all we see; may peace be all there is.

Today I’m grateful for so much; from things such as clean water, electricity, shelter and my safety – to people/beings/energies such as family, friends, mentors, mother nature and the Universe.  I give thanks for it all, and pray for all of those who suffer that they may be blessed and liberated of any pain.  With these words may (on this Day and every Day we become aware in) Life as we thought we knew it begin to turn into what we wish to know, see and BE.  Slowly but surely may we graduate – gradually, sure – and may each moment teach & we learn another lesson.  Test after test, may this sum of collective energy – LIFE – begins to unfold, and reveal to us our Self.

Thank YOU.

So much love to You – mySelf, yourSelf, ourSelf – for being present and appreciating Today. Have an enlightening, rewarding Day – always and in all ways.

See you in the stars.. xx

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