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Class in Session!

Furthering the rich tradition of The Resistance delivering creative platforms designed to cultivate cutting edge spiritual development, the Innerversity has opened its doors to The Seeker. Class is now in session, and as we dive into a whole curriculum with Sevan as the conductor, we join forces with those of like frequency to raise our vibration as a whole. 25+ hours of interactive, illustrative enlightenment await us as we prepare for a semester unlike any other.

David and I will be questing through the coursework together, and we will be sharing our experiences each step of the way. We would be honored to embark upon this journey of fellowship and scholarship with you. Are you a Seeker wishing to enroll with us this semester?

Contact and join us at www.secretenergy.com/enroll

Secret Energy
Astral Quest

“If you have ever imagined enhancing your own character beyond the scope of terrestrial possibilities, the Innerversity offers a step-by-step character building process that omits nothing as the entire spectrum is analyzed and interpreted. You will arise with an Adept level innerstanding of this Matrix along with your own Innerverse.” ~ Sevan Bomaer

Coursework includes: Celestial Mechanics | Nutritional Therapy | Deprogramming | Internal Cleansing | Current & Currency | Breathing | Tantra | DNA Transformation | Language, Etymology & Encryption | Planetary Hierarchy

“When injustice, imbalance, and degeneration emerge, I incarnate to neutralize and balance.”



Class has started…


See you in the stars…

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