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Why Fusion is ALWAYS a Great Idea

What do you get when you combine two of your most supposed opposing interests? A happy Soul & a great time, of course.

I am a huge fan of merging interests (Soul Traveler itself is living proof of that, as wanted to find the best way to share both physical AND spiritual aspects of life). This past weekend was yet again reminded of this, and that we are here to live FULLY & create with no limits.

Photo Credit: Dulce Ruby Peralta

As I sat and awaited what I already felt would be an incredible performance of Red Bull Flying Bach, my heart began to flutter.  – You know the feeling; when a sense of nostalgic vibrations give you flashbacks of ‘home’, and simultaneously ignited are visions of your near future present..

My roots are deep within the urban culture (rap, hip-hop, graffiti.. have always been Life and passions of mine), and at the same time grew up taking art & piano lessons and even played the alto sax in the school band (no kidding). Art is Art. With that said, when I heard two of my worlds would be fused into one experience – I had to attend, share, and all in all – experience for myself.

Flying Bach did NOT disappoint.

Red Bull Flying Bach PHX - Dulce Ruby
Photo Credit: Carlos Cruz

Here are a few notes I wanted to share upon reflecting.

  1. Whatever it is that you love to do, Do that.
    • Sure, we know we should do what makes us happy – but sometimes our thoughts, others, the media, etc. tell us differently.  We at times allow our fears, doubts and belief in limits, to keep us static in our present reality.  Truth is, we ARE capable of so much more – always – as we are limitless beings. We are all-encompassing, and because of this, we will have various interests and things that make our hearts sing. Whatever this is for you, let that be your purpose and never give up. You have been gifted that spark for a reason!

  2. Collaborations not only expand your comfort zone, but your network as well.
    • This one comes to mind often on the brink of the new year.  Whether speaking of merging worlds, genres, or topics – fusion is always a great idea. First, the most obvious reason is that we ourselves open up to the new & vice versa; gaining a new level of understanding, experience, and skills all the while hopefully reciprocating like vibrations to those we are collaborating with as well. Secondly – and more importantly – those that may not have had any idea who you were, are now tuning in to all you do, create & are.. as well as in reflection you too now have things, interests and people on your radar that you did not have prior to co-creating!

  3. The ability to Fly comes from your willingness to JUMP.
    • Metaphorically speaking and quite literally, this one sums up my overall experience not only within the performance, but life itself.  It’s truly one of my favorites to share (through tweets, content creations, etc.) because it’s so simple. Going back to the first point, this is all about belief in oneSelf.  You have to be completely dedicated to yourSelf and in your dreams for them to be brought to reality. Once you take that first leap of faith, you begin to soar! Hence, your willingness to JUMP shall gift you your wings. 😉
Red Bull Flying Bach - PHX Dulce Ruby
Photo Credit: Carlos Cruz

In summary, this performance was that of inspiration & true living art. It honestly awoke a part of me I’d long left behind as did not feel it ‘belonged’ with the ‘new’ me. But I was mistaken! We can and SHOULD always embrace every piece that makes us who we are. We are unique, and the balance of all that speaks to us is what keeps us so. *We could all use a little reminder every now and then.

With just a little over a month left of shows on their tour here in the states, I highly recommend anyone who is in the area of their coming stops to definitely check it out! If the bboy world is something you have ever enjoyed, or if classical music is more your thing.. trust that either way, you’re in for a great show!

You can find key information here: RED BULL FLYING BACH WEBSITE 

Oh! And before I forget, I got a rad souvenir prior to the show..



If you could merge two (or more!) of your interests, dreams, visions into ONE true reality, what would you merge? Now.. believe you CAN, WILL & ARE, as they are already united within you – see it, feel it, believe it! DO & BE IT! 😊


Hope you can catch one of the performances & be inspired in some way, yourself – Enjoy!!!

See you in the stars…