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It’s been a few weeks and within that timeframe the new year has begun, resolutions have (hopefully) been kept, and our journey continues to unfold.  As we dive deeper into the waters of Self awareness & love, the waves grow calmer through our stillness & inner peace.

In order to keep up with this outer manifestation of said Peace, we must keep practicing being present and accepting the natural flow of the Universe in our lives.  A great way to steady our oceans, and what can at times be ‘hectic lives’, is to integrate/implement tools used in meditation throughout out our days.

How to Refresh your Soul:

1. Steady your breath

2. Clear your mind

3. Find your Center

4. Lift your Spirit

The goal here, on this plane of existence and beyond, is to thrive and experience all the good there is to live and learn while remaining grounded and balanced.

And remember, no matter the case – always relax, reflect & release all that in which no longer serves a purpose in bettering Self or influencing the greater good.

Until next time,

See you in the stars…


Dulce Ruby



Beautiful reminders! Thank you!!! I will take your steps with me everyday!

February 28, 2015 (15:22) - Reply

Thank YOU for reading, resonating, and putting into action, Love! <3

March 16, 2015 (07:37) - Reply

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