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Mystical Woman of the Sacred River


Mystical Woman of the Sacred River.
Holy Ganges River (Mama Ganga), India. 2015.

She captured my attention before I even had the chance to sit down and fully take anything else in. I’d had no expectations prior to then but of course to capture the essence of India, it’s people, culture, and all of its magic. And suppose that was intent enough to guide mySelf in manifesting the beauty that was blessed to experience!

This morning began with a stroll along the banks of the sacred Ganges river. And that’s all it took. As I walked, I was brought to a light, quick halt; her vibrant, yet graceful energy captured my attention, and felt her light resonate with & mirror that of my own.

Submerged in sacredness, she arose cleansed from having bathed in these holy waters. As she walked, she walked in peace & radiance; as she walked, I saw mySelf.

This generation has brought about new terms in which truly have such power yet go unacknowledged as so. “Life goals” of Self for all, should be based on how and where you truly wish to see yourSelf. My ‘life goals’ are simple; to act in pure intent, radiate positivity, peace & love, and to be someone I’d be proud to know, and happy to see/be around, everyday. Who do you wish to be? What do you pray to emanate?

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