Soul Traveler

Inner & Outer World Exploration


I write beneath the moonlit stars, above the skies infinite and gifting

There are answers given that go without question
And responses replied with words unsaid

‘My love for you is unlike any other…’

I tell the Universe all it knows
Just so that I may remember

If only the chance to jump ship and sail
The stars I’ve grown to call home
The skies I know to be my own

There is peace

Within, here
In me, in us

I am

The static resides outside
No longer reach for what is placed

What is created by man, if not art nor advancement
Is solely an illusion, a creation of intrusion and deception
To hold your mind in its conceptions of delusions

What we are being distracted by

As we look upon our screens
As we scroll
As we tap
As we waste…

Look up at the stars, breathe them in and let them guide you

Look into one another’s eyes

Look around

Look, and see.

There is a world
Much larger than any screen

One that was created especially for you

One designed to the tee specifically to fit your Soul

One that we overlook,

One that we seem to forget…

While attempting to perfect an image to share
As its beauty is used to flaunt and demonstrate
that you yourself are living

Please, take a few moments
Let that sink in

If the Sun is high
If the Moon is low

When you hear the birds chirp
When you hear the crickets melody…

As the waves crash
As the roses bloom

Here I’ll be.
Here I am.

Here We Are.

With no need for proof,

The stars we admire
The Sun we soak in
The Moon’s glow

The energy, frequency & vibration…
All that we emit and receive

Never Forget

That You Are the Universe.

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Enlightening. Inspirational words. Teach me more. I want to tap in. The universe is powerful.

January 13, 2015 (23:08) - Reply

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