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Why Fusion is ALWAYS a Great Idea

What do you get when you combine two of your most supposed opposing interests? A happy Soul & a great time, of course. I am a huge fan […]

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Year Round Play!

After the past couple years of travel, am finally back home grounding and spending time with my family.  Now while here I see the importance of outdoor play […]

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Spontaneous Magical Discoveries..

Finding inspiration all around, above… and within. At times when I am in very touristy cities I tend to draw a blank on what to capture. Most people […]

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Pura Vida, Pura Aventura

There’s a certain kind of magic I live for… When aligning for physical travel, I tend to gravitate towards manifesting spaces & places filled with greenery, vast open […]

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World Peace Tour Update

PIPO USA 2016✨🌐✌🏼 It still hasn’t hit me just quite yet. I spent the past month traveling about our nation, the United States of America, alongside the leading […]

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..where I’ve been placing all of my intention & attention.✨🙏 It’s been a year since I was blessed to receive the title as Intl. Country Coordinator at the […]

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Syrian 7-Year-Old Tells The Story Of Her Journey To Greece

Journey from war-torn Syria to the Greek island of Lesbos through the eyes of a 7-year-old girl, nostalgic for home and friends. More than half a million refugees […]

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Spreading loving-kindness through meditation is a practice helping us develop the habit of selflessness or altruistic love. When practicing loving-kindness meditation, one supports the mind in becoming free […]

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Be Great & Be Grateful

Today is a very special Day – as is EVERY – and within this presence we are gifted with the love & care we sought.  On a day […]

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Children making meditation a habit
BBC South today published this great little video which highlights the positive effects meditation can have on children in school. "Hundreds of primary school children in Berkshire have [...]
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