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..where I’ve been placing all of my intention & attention.✨🙏

It’s been a year since I was blessed to receive the title as Intl. Country Coordinator at the World Peace Initiative Foundation, and about 2 years of service as an Ambassador, Peace Agent & Coach for the USA at Peace Revolution. Since then, so much of my focus has been on a dream & vision that is now coming to fruition & life!

Over the course of 8yrs or so now, many countries from all over the world have been able to experience PiPo (Peace In, Peace Out) events. Yet, the USA had yet to be one of them.. until now. I made it my mission to be sure we, as a nation, not solely take part in aligning w our fellow brothers & sisters of earth in bringing about sustainable world peace, but that we held space and time for such stillness & expansion.

Today is not just any other day. Beyond us living in the NOW, today I welcome you all to join in living our personal & universal purpose – that of Peace, Love, Harmony & Happiness as a whole, together. I am filled w excitement, gratitude and pure honor. And with the energy of this New Moon & Eclipse, today our entire journey metamorphosizes – takes on a new, more pure, light form – on amplified levels. My Mentor, leading intl. teaching monk LP Pasura (flying in from PIPO Bulgaria), and mySelf will begin traveling the country leading global meditations for World Peace @ various festivals, museums, centers, and universities. Together, we aim to aid the masses in silencing the mind, and letting our SOUL speak – bringing about inner peace to spread outward into our world.

If you wish to be a part & join in on all of the magic at hand, meet and/or support – all of our meditations are FREE of charge (*donation based to simply aid in covering simple basic human needs while traveling while in/of service) and open to those seeking such opportunity. Be on the lookout for more information in regards to each location, and if you can’t make any of the above, know that I do plan on coming back – w a different route ! Please Tag/share w your friends, family & communities so that we may raise our collective vibration..✨⚡️🚀


alexandra haag

does the tour stop in any parts of the bay area, or San Francisco, or even LA? i would love to come! please do inform me if so, thank you,

love and light to you my sistar

May 3, 2016 (19:14) - Reply
Dulce Ruby

Hello, hello, BEAUTY once again!

The delay in response is in no way, shape or form a reflection of my being – more so an illustration of the lack of digital connectivity I had while away. Anyhow! Am back in the states now, grounding at home in Arizona – but ! – shall be making my way to SF again (was just there in December <3 ) very VERY soon in the next couple weeks. Will be sure to share updates; if not here, definitely on twitter as that is my quickest outlet 🙂

Thank you once again for always being present. Appreciate and am every so grateful for/to your Being! May we cross paths beyond the digital, soon xx

May 27, 2016 (11:25) - Reply

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