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At times when I am in very touristy cities I tend to draw a blank on what to capture. Most people have seen a photograph of the Eiffel Tower at least once in their lifetime, and you know what they say – you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all. Though not entirely true, I do tend to seek out for those never-before-seen spaces, places and faces. 

With this having been said, I like to give myself time to ‘get lost’ – see where my Soul leads me and what I am able to capture when being completely led by the wind.  Last week in Paris I made sure I did all of the touristy things (*Eiffel, Louvre, etc..), but also gave myself 3 full days of ‘let’s see where I end up.’


For these kind of days, I like to just go with the flow – in every sense.  If I am feeling like a walk in the park, I do just that – and find myself amid a crowd of children playing, roses in bloom, laying on the grass by a lake. Other times I just want to climb and climb and CLIMB – getting a fresh breath of air at the peak of a mountain, incredible views and possibly get a glimpse (*and hopefully a shot) of wildlife.  When you have free time, take advantage of the freedom and go out and see what you can capture ! A photo walkabout at a nearby park, a museum you have yet to visit, or really anywhere your heart desires.. is the perfect opportunity to surprise your lens and capture something new.

Anyhow, here’s to plenty more adventures !  Where do you go when you are looking for inspiration? <3

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