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The Awakening

Lucid Dreamer of the Sky, digital world passerby.

“We all long for and work towards the escape, but what if I told you that you are already here? That, in all disreality, what you have before you now, is an illusion… and that where you wish to go is no deeper than a wishing well… and for your dream to come true you must solely awaken, dig deep and look into… your Self. 

Tune into your inner frequency, clear your mind, breathe, relax, reflect & let go. Come into your Self, be free and at peace; there you shall find the light to guide you… 

Here, into the Dreamscape.

If this were just a dream… how would you act, what would you create, who would you be?


 Now, who’s to say that it isn’t?

The ‘just’ makes it seem distant, minimal, unimportant; yet one must see that those who perceive the world around them as their playground – in place of imprisonment – are more than capable of manifesting their dreams, speaking into fruition and if of pure intent, are capable of the escape itself. 

Life, IS a Dream.


Your energy, your focus – it all coincides with what is being laid out before you. Now, how would you walk, how would you talk… if you knew you are all that existed?” …If you knew you were in control? Awaken into that knowing, the Light, the power to your bulb. Awaken to the energy source; your Power, your Self… your core, your Soul.

Let life be the lesson, let the journey be the destination; enjoy, live, smile – soak it all up – that’s why you are are HERE.

Love yourself, and you will heal the world.

I’m just here to remind you to remember.⚡️

See you in the stars…”




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