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WEMOVE Magazine Feature

In this world of eternal distraction, we forget to give ourselves time to re-balance. Dulce Ruby’s journey has transcended success from one world to another, bringing a sense of peace to herself and those around her.

Written by Dulce Ruby

We all have a world we were born into. Whether it be of physical matter, culture, or upbringing – we grow accustomed to our environment, a certain kind of life, and a way of being until we choose to break free & expand. We go through the motions and all of the emotions in Life to simply come back to the best version of ourself – the real, true Self that has been here all along awaiting our rediscovery.

I was born and raised in a small town in Arizona; a state of beautiful, vast landscapes, and magical, dreamy sunsets gifted through the blazing Sun solely us desert natives seem to be used to. During the week I attended a private school where prayer & creativity were a major part of my curriculum, and almost every weekend was filled with a roadtrip with my sisters & parents to visit our family in Mexico, spend time seaside, and ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) ride through sand dunes to explore and test our limits.  The balance between stillness, art & adventure had always been a part of my life and being.  As I grew, I solely grew more fond of the life my parents had begun to dream up for me – family bonding, going the distance for what brings one peace, expression through all mediums, and the adrenaline rush that could only come from the unknown and its discovery.

At the age of 10, that perfect world I’d been living in started to crumble as my mom was diagnosed with cancer, and by the time I turned 13 she had passed.  My world, as I knew it, stopped and another stage of life began.  After losing a crucial part of me, I lost my sense of not only adventure and peace, but my awareness of Self as well.  All I had been brought up believing in seemed to be false and I turned to the consensus of unspoken belief among the masses – that happiness comes from something outside of our Self, and only those in the spotlight with material wealth would know success.

Fast-foward a few years and amid a rather ‘successful’ modeling career filled with big cities, bright lights and no true depth, I came to an awakening. Like a lightning bolt, it hit me.  I was in search of something that could never be found through the outlets I’d been plugging into.


I chose to venture off into less well-known territory for not only a change of scenery – but mindset and energy as well. I traveled near and far around the world & into Self. When I ventured out in this way however, I found that there was so much more to not only explore & discover, but to Life itself.

I have spent the past few years working and creating internationally with peace organizations, conscious brands, communities and individuals. Have lived with & learned from buddhist monks in a sanctuary in Thailand, and attended teachings from the Dalai Lama at his temple on the edge of the Himalayas in India. I’ve dreamt up, organized, and completed the very first USA Peace Tour holding global meditations for world peace alongside a leading international teaching monk. I’ve given speeches & held workshops around the globe in hopes of awakening others to our limitless potential, bringing about peace into our daily lives & dreams into reality. And still there is so much more to live & give!

Life, this journey, is incredible and I have gained great insight from such beautiful Souls. From temples to streets, spiritual teachers to layman – everywhere I turn, I find the happiness and inspiration I’d been seeking – within others, and most importantly within myself.

I have rediscovered my love for Life & mySelf, and with that – my practice, creativity and adventures are in full bloom. At this time I wish to share that very remembrance and light with the world through all forms of creation.

Of all the things I’ve written, captured and shared, the most important still is that of truth & being who you truly are, unabashed. So how does one go about beginning their journey towards absolute inner peace and Self Love, for balance & harmony in their outer world ?  Well, it is very important to make habit of allotting time for yourSelf – away from all of the noise, static and negative frequencies – and often.  As you begin to open up to not only the idea of being “alone,” but actually becoming comfortable in and enjoying solitude, you will steadily learn how to clear your mind and silence any negative incoming energies, thoughts, etc. even when in a world of chaos – such as cities, events, etc. that you may find yourself in.


Notes on Meditation

 Our growth and recovery comes when we are in a state of stillness and it all starts in the brain.

When we are not focused on the outside world through meditation our default mode is activated.

Meditation or Zazen (the Japanese art of sitting still) returns the mind to a place of calm. Practiced consistently once a day it can create profound effects in wellbeing. We feel a sense of calm, clarity and focus. Over time practicing has been found to improve memory, self awareness and goal setting literally changing your brainwaves increasing the levels of Alpha waves which are shown to reduce negative feelings of tension, sadness and anger.

Originally found on WEMOVE MAGAZINE