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World Peace Tour Update

PIPO USA 2016✨🌐✌🏼

It still hasn’t hit me just quite yet.

I spent the past month traveling about our nation, the United States of America, alongside the leading international buddhist teaching monk (my mentor LP Pasura) holding global meditations for world peace. {Peace In, Peace Out}

The journey and mission itself was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced, seen or felt prior. On all ends of the spectrum/planes/levels/dimensions, this experience has scribed a few great chapters in my book of Life.. as it also had surely been written in the stars. {As Above, So Below}

With over ONE THOUSAND participants and attendees over the course of a few weeks, 6 states, 2-5 events per day, EVERY DAY, and about 0 sleep – we were able to hold over 30 events and activate a plethora of +equal energy exchange and awaken the masses to their limitless potential.

It’s now been a week since the first round of the USA leg on tour has completed, and I currently have a minute in Budapest to pen briefly what it is has occurred. Will be writing a post and full recap tonight prior to departing to London tomorrow (for even more magic to come), and will be sure to put as much energy/focus in there as humanly possible at the moment!

Thank YOU for continuously being so amazing, present & supportive – though I no longer post as much as I used to, do know that I have PLENTY of content, footage and stories to share.. and as soon as I make the time will be sure to post and expand on all of this with you!

For now, know that we (as a whole/humanity itSelf) are going through a grand shift, and with this so many polarities will/are arise/ing. From heartbreaking tragedies to beautiful miracles, every moment is being played in melody to gift us with coming harmonic future present moments to come to fruition in the symphony of Life.

From the deepest part of my being to your own, know that you are loved – fully, truly, blindly, and unconditionally. There is GREAT power in stilling the waters, dismissing wandering thoughts and clearing the static in which Life @ times brings. May we work towards this understanding & move towards our very own Being’s innerstanding.✨🙏⚡️🚀


alexandra haag

this is beautiful and so very inspiring. thank you,

love and light,


May 3, 2016 (19:10) - Reply
Dulce Ruby

Thank YOU for reading and reflecting, Beautiful. Truly. It is always beyond this realm to know there are others out there on like frequency that see the purpose in my works & journey!

So much love to & for you, may we continue to rise & flow in harmony xx

May 27, 2016 (11:22) - Reply

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