Journey Back Home

There’s this beautiful turning point… in all of our lives where everything begins to click for us. Anything that is no longer resonating with our frequency, serving higher […]

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British Polo Day x Beautiful Destinations

The latest short film from the British Polo Day x Beautiful Destinations Instameet trip to Morocco – incredible works by all – thank you so much Adam Stocker for this !! So so beautiful, and such amazing memories with you all!!! <3 Hope to do it again (real) soon!! Check it out everyone - great vibes all around!

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Featured on the Huffington Post!

Soul Traveler’s very own, Dulce Ruby, was asked to share some of her favorite techniques for meditation, and sustaining peace & positivity throughout our days – Here is […]

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We all have a world we are born into (whether it be of physical matter, culture/traditions or upbringing, mannerisms, etc.), and therefore grow accustomed to a certain kind of life, way of being, and environment/s until we choose to break free. On the verge of the full Moon and Lunar eclipse here in October, I decided to venture off into a little less well-known territory for not only a change of scenery – but mindset and energy as well…

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This is my very first blog post ever on my own platform. So, it was somewhat of a back and forth of what I should speak on here in my own little haven of Peace – that in which I call my ‘Sacred Joules’ – away from the static. There is energy that is felt beyond ‘reason’ and still no reason exists for one to explain. We must trust in the Energy, Frequency & ‘Vibes’ (Vibration); what we feel, is real. That is the answer.

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Welcome, Beautiful Soul

I am here to share stories of sacred sites & sights from all over the earth, the skies & within. This is a collection of visions from a journey outward and into the Dreamscape – the in-between into consciousness, the interstellar into innerSelf. The Awakening.

*** Sacred : divine/ holy/ highly valued ***

Joules : units of work or energy ***

Sacred Joules is an endeavor which consists of mixed media (writings, video, audio, art, etc.) on Travel, Dreams, Meditations and Inspiration for the Soul…

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