World Peace Tour Update

PIPO USA 2016✨🌐✌🏼 It still hasn’t hit me just quite yet. I spent the past month traveling about our nation, the United States of America, alongside the leading […]

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..where I’ve been placing all of my intention & attention.✨🙏 It’s been a year since I was blessed to receive the title as Intl. Country Coordinator at the […]

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Journey Back Home

There’s this beautiful turning point… in all of our lives where everything begins to click for us. Anything that is no longer resonating with our frequency, serving higher […]

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As We Align

As the Universe itself (through our passing days, the phases of the Moon, sunrises to sunsets, eclipses and portals – interactions, crossings, experiences and lessons) connects us further with ourSelf, great surges of energy are being channeled into us – here & now…

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ACTIV8∞8 Your Limitless Potential

Today is a very important one of presence, innerstanding and acceptance. We are being opened up to new opportunities, roles, energies and perspectives on various levels & planes of existence… activating our limitless potential.

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May We Create
Beautiful Unions
of Pure Positive Energy,
so that We may Birth
Peace for the World
through our Light & Love…

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From the Buddha Room at Dar Soukkar

Our complexities drive us to strive for the simple life; that in which was lost, that we already attain within each and every one of us:

A new shift has occurred in which we, as a union, have manifested higher frequencies and quicker evolution than prior known to man alone. We, as a whole, are joined together to build a new platform of revolution; one in which we solely build one another up from foundation, and throughout our growth and development we not only learn, but teach…

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Realization & Release

I wanted to start this ‘entry’ off with grand revelations and bright energy of ideas, affirmations, etc. and more – But then quickly realized a few things. Over the last few weeks, months or years even – I’ve begun to notice the patterns I take part in living. Like most on the physical plane, I exist and feel the ‘need’ (to exist) or at times ‘desire’ to continue existing a certain way – in both the material and digital planes. Whether it be of ego itself, or fear of whatever it may be – We, as humans or of our generation alone, created an illusory parallel dimension to distract us…

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Here is a quick update while I gather all of the images, type up all of my journal entries, etc. from the past two weeks of JAM PACKED adventures to share with you all VERY soon…

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I write beneath the moonlit stars, above the skies infinite and gifting. There are answers given that go without question, and responses replied with words unsaid. ‘My love for you is unlike any other…’ – I tell the Universe all it knows, Just so that I may remember…

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