How To Decide What You Really Want Out Of Life, According To A Shaman

As human beings, we are constantly told that something is missing in our lives. That buying a certain product, reaching a particular weight, or going on a special […]

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The 3 Worst Things You Can Do on an Airplane, According to a New Survey

Even for the savviest of travelers, boarding a flight can be full of annoyances. Everyone surely has experienced the horror of sitting next to a chatterbox, a snorer, […]

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5 Easy Ways to Remove Mucus and Phlegm Naturally

Here’s something interesting to get us started: did you know that phlegm and mucus are not the same? It’s true. When we suffer from a nasty cold, it’s the […]

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Why Fusion is ALWAYS a Great Idea

What do you get when you combine two of your most supposed opposing interests? A happy Soul & a great time, of course. I am a huge fan […]

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Here is a quick update while I gather all of the images, type up all of my journal entries, etc. from the past two weeks of JAM PACKED adventures to share with you all VERY soon…

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