Year Round Play!

After the past couple years of travel, am finally back home grounding and spending time with my family.  Now while here I see the importance of outdoor play […]

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Spontaneous Magical Discoveries..

Finding inspiration all around, above… and within. At times when I am in very touristy cities I tend to draw a blank on what to capture. Most people […]

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Pura Vida, Pura Aventura

There’s a certain kind of magic I live for… When aligning for physical travel, I tend to gravitate towards manifesting spaces & places filled with greenery, vast open […]

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Be Great & Be Grateful

Today is a very special Day – as is EVERY – and within this presence we are gifted with the love & care we sought.  On a day […]

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Why Our Soul Needs Us to Disconnect to Reconnect

With such a powerFull (Blue) Moon having just graced our presence and this Lions/Stargate Portal (8-8-8) activating us on so many different levels & planes, we are either soaring through the Universe in Wholeness and Harmony – or caught in an illusionary downward spiral where we believe we are falling apart…

We’ve all been there (the casual ‘not-so-midlife’ crisis where all seems to be against us), yet when within this space of disillusion we must look beyond the matrix – or ‘think outside the box’ if you will…

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Class in Session!

Furthering the rich tradition of The Resistance delivering creative platforms designed to cultivate cutting edge spiritual development, the Innerversity has opened its doors to The Seeker…

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The Awakening

Lucid Dreamer of the Sky, digital world passerby…

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inSights from the Sea

It’s been a few weeks and within that timeframe the new year has begun, resolutions have (hopefully) been kept, and our journey continues to unfold. As we dive deeper into the waters of Self awareness & love, the waves grow calmer through our stillness & inner peace.

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3 Tokens of Advice For 2015 & On

A couple weeks back, I wrote of my past adventures and lessons I encountered while living them. This week’s post is all about those said lessons and how to go about putting them into action in your own life…

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