Green Tourmaline Wand

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Raw Specimen Green Tourmaline.


Tourmaline is purifying and promotes self-confidence; will aid you to understand yourSelf and be more aware of others and energies.


Powerful crystal for reducing fears, calms paranoia, brings compassion, inspiration, tolerance and prosperity to the holder. Tourmaline is a great detoxifier. Great Tourmaline in specific is especially useful when dealing with the plant kingdom; will keep a plant company while promoting growth and abundance – so just think of what it could do as an herbal remedy aid! This +joule assists in bringing inner peace and harmony, healing emotional hurts, while also teaching patience, diplomacy, and aid with decision making, clarity of thought and wisdom.  This beauty reduce fear, panic attacks, depression, stress and nervous conditions. Especially helpful in stressful situations by quieting the mind and allowing you to relax and sleep.






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