As the Universe itself (through our passing days, the phases of the Moon, sunrises to sunsets, eclipses and portals – interactions, crossings, experiences and lessons) connects us further with ourSelf, great surges of energy are being channeled into us – here & now.

Every day we awaken into a new coming glory of what could be and what truly is – and then take on the task of creating with it what may.  We hold the power to decide which reality we live, through that in which we accept and what we wish to create.

While the past couple months, years, and surely lifetimes have been filled with moving moments of what has come to build us to where we are presently – it is clear now that the more awakened we are, remain and desire to expand within, the more clearly we can live a life filled with immeasurable fulfillment.

As we align with our purpose, stars, and fellow members of Soul, we begin to travel further and deeper – outward & within multiple planes and dimensions of existence – to see that what we seek is not solely of earthly or material matter, but that of Self as well.

We have become these beautiful beings here & now – that are either trapped in an illusory cage, or activated to sight and see our mission for what it truly is.  We are the Soul traveling about – crossing paths with oneSelf through projections & reflection of said Self – to learn, teach, experience and exchange on a continuous level – so that we may reach total realization and re-member, as One.

This has been written of plethora of times before, by mySelf and many others – and as one to not push beliefs, there is no other belief than that of OneSelf that I rather wish to extend to you all for review and absorption.

Below is a guided meditation which I have written while here on my own personal journey in Costa Rica that I truly feel is beneficial to us all, as humans here on earth, personally and as a whole.

Healing Meditation of Self Realization – A Meditation for Fulfilling One’s Own Potential:

Please take a moment for yourSelf, find a quiet area and a comfortable position – and allow my words to take you on a journey, to make love to your mind and ease your Soul.

**Click here to listen to: A Healing Journey**

(Above is the audio for ‘Self-Realization Meditation’ from my previous post – have a listen, and if you would like to read the full article feel free to read more HERE!)

I solely wish to remain in a state of peace where I can reach each and every one of you who come across my channel and portal so that we may align, expand & change the world, together. I am, too, still in a learning process of life but always feel such a strong pull to share & be open with what I am presently experiencing, learning, cultivating and creating.  May we all be brave enough to share our Light, and be respectful of others’ shine so that we may become more enlightened to ourSelf.


See you in the stars…

Journey with Me..✨