Better Periods With Voxapod

So let’s be real. Periods can be a tough experience, and more so – monthly?! I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments, as well as painful ones, throughout my years, but there’s nothing more real than speaking on how uncomfortable some feminine products can be.

After years of growing up on the pad and tampon wagon, then growing up and learning more about the toxic ingredients that make them up – I had to make the decision: NO MORE!

That’s where I started to dive into cups. Sure, you’ve probably heard of them – and heck, you may have tried them yourself – but these can come with their flaws too. That’s where this article comes in.


After trying a couple other cups out I went out and sought the ‘perfect’ cup (for me and my body type). I quickly read up on every and anything out there in the market and found myself looking through an amazing Kickstarter and had to reach out.

As stated on their fundraiser,

VOXAPOD is a modern menstrual cup with a unique, patent-pending design that’s more comfortable and functional, toxic free, and reduces waste! It folds and inserts like a tampon to collect menstrual fluid, but works better and is reusable–eliminating trillions of single-use disposable waste and saving you thousands of dollars!


Most cups on the market are long and conical shaped with hard stems that cause poking or chafing (ouch!). Meanwhile, some cups wouldn’t always open up properly to form a secure seal after being inserted. Worse yet, when removing some cups, pinching at the base did nothing to break the seal because there was too much distance between the base of the cup and the top of the cup where the seal is formed.

Voxapod has designed a cup that solves all of these problems!


Here’s how VOXAPOD cups can redefine your month–and your lifestyle.

More time and flexibility

The cup contains, rather than absorbs your period fluid, collecting up to 5x more than a tampon, and giving you up to 12 hours of leak-free protection–most women can empty it once in the morning and again before bed.

“I was amazed that I could keep it in overnight (all 8 or 9 hours), even on my first and second days, typically the heaviest. This was the first time this has happened with a menstrual cup. I’ve always had to wake up in the middle of the night to empty it. Not with VOXAPOD!” -Ashley C.

Silicone is sanitary

All VOXAPOD cups are made in the United States using only 100% FDA-approved medical-grade silicone.

Because they are naturally hygienic, it eliminates the nasty bleaching and chemical process–meaning there’s no more dryness, odors, strings, padding or disrupting your natural pH balance.


With proper care, VOXAPOD™ cups last for several years. That means hundreds of dollars saved for you—and no more “emergency” pad or tampon trips to the store.

Less itchy weirdness

Satiny, soft, flexible and moldable, VOXAPOD cups aren’t made of cotton fibers—which means rather than working against your natural fluids, they just slide right in and move comfortably with your anatomy. No more dry, uncomfortable “applications” for you.

End of ‘stinky’ odors

To make them appear more “cleanly,” most tampons are bleached and are known to contain toxins that lead to adverse health risks. VOXAPOD cups eliminate this process, meaning no more dryness, stinky odors (yuck), strings, padding or interrupting your natural pH balance.

Reduce waste

In the US alone, 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are thrown into our waterways and landfills every year. The average woman menstruates for 38 years, tossing roughly 12,000 used disposables in her lifetime. Making the change to reusable period care is good for everyone, including the planet.


To read more about Voxapod and their efforts (trust me, they’re in it for the long-haul and changing the world while they go!) – check out their website and support! 🙂


They’ve reached their goal!! Looking forward to seeing their growth and hearing from all of you about your personal experience with their cup.


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