Why The New Year Isn’t Bringing A ‘NEW ME’

‘New year, new ME’ doesn’t resonate with my being – who I am, nor who I am becoming.

The truth of the matter is, there is no ‘new me’ coming this year – and in all actuality, what IS coming through is solely a more refined, authentic, focused and elevated version of who I’ve always been. There is no ‘new’ me this new year because I’ve worked tirelessly for the past 30 to grow into who and where I am today.

I am still shedding layers of various past ‘selves’ that I’ve projected, experienced, learned through, and grown out of. I am clearing past traumas, patterns and programmings I’d carried with me for many years (lives, even). AND I am falling deeply in love with the deepest crevices of my being at the very core of my Soul.

We are awakening our collective consciousness and through this many of us are going and growing through the most intense lessons of our lives. Remember to BREATHE, and know that you are not alone. Continue to blossom and clear way – for so much magic is here & coming.. and THAT is what 2019 is all about.

Today, as we come together to celebrate another coming journey around the Sun, I wish for you all to release all that no longer serves you, your highest good & being, and vow to show up – TRULY SHOW UP – authentically, from here forth.

As stated above, ‘OUT WITH THE OLD & IN WITH THE TRUE.’

And remember: Authenticity brings MANIFESTATIONS beyond our wildest dreams, and for myself – I promise to deliver the most authentic version of ‘me’ as your mirror so that you too may see in reflection all of the magic that lies in being open, honest and brave enough to let go.. and go after your dream reality.

Happiest of New Years to you All – and Hello to YOU – The True YOU – no filters, limits or fears.


(I have been working nonstop on getting this next audio out-of-body experience ready for you all so that we can live lucidly, together, seamlessly! Hope you’re ready!)*


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