You are the Universe; it's pronounced 'YOU'niverse for a reason.
To All the Dreamers & Doers...

Hello, hello, Beautiful Soul.
Welcome to the Dreamscape! ūüôā

‘I am here to share stories of sacred sites & sights from all over the earth, the skies & within. This is a collection of visions from a journey of both inner and outer exploration. ¬†

 Soul : the spiritual principle of life, feeling, thought, and action/ essence/ Self

Traveler : one that is on a trip or journey / seeker / explorer

From taking the first step towards manifesting your very own dreams, to proof that it is possible – I wish to share with You – the world –¬† adventures, practices, and furthermore my love for and perspective on life in hopes to open your minds, alter perception and aid one another on our personal awakening as we journey forth, together…’

Soul Traveler is an endeavor which consists of mixed media (writings, visuals, audio, etc.) on Travel, Esotericism, Meditations and Inspiration for the Soul. It is a company dedicated to the well being and self-development of those who come across it seeking further knowledge, awareness, and discovery of both inner and outer realms.

Soul Traveler aims to connect the connected through exploration & zen ‚Äď sharing experiences, stories, adventures & journeys of the collective as a whole, so that we may learn, teach and grow together in harmony.

So what does it mean to be a Soul Traveler? It means you are alive, aware and seeking to fulfill your potential here on earth & beyond.  It is connecting with others as you journey forth on your path, listening to their stories and re-membering We Are All One.  It means you are seeing your reflection in others, all that is, within yourself Рand that We Are All Soul Travelers.

Sacred : divine/ holy/ highly valued

Joules : units of work or energy

Sacred Joules – The Shop – Trinkets, materials, tools, and minerals (or as I’d like to call them, ‘divine units of energy’ ) collected throughout the journey for those seeking.

Want to send some +vibes/ inquiries/ suggestions or requests?  Feel free to buzz me through this portal. Peace, Love & Magic.

See you in the stars…


Dulce Ruby