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A Little DOSE of Self-Love

Somewhere in between, ‘Happy New Year!✨🎉’ and NOW, we’ve managed to blink and find ourselves sitting on the cusp of February! 😳 How did this even happen?! I […]

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A Relaxing Day In The City

After moving into the middle of nature, there’s little that calls me to a BIG city – unless of course, it has to do with romance (or art […]

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The Reality of Astral Projection

IN BRIEF The Facts:Multiple documents from the CIA electronic reading room shed light on the agencies, and other countries use of ‘astral projection’ and other parapsychological phenomena. Reflect […]

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The Magic Within – An Interview with Dulce Ruby on CETV!

After years of wishing to remain ‘behind the scenes’ and out of camera view beyond still imagery & art creations, I’ve finally gotten back on the horse called media […]

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It’s Flowtime: 1st Look At The Biosensing Meditation Tool

Soul Traveler has been expanding in a number of ways and it’s such an exciting time as I not only continue to carry and create here, but also […]

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Why The New Year Isn’t Bringing A ‘NEW ME’

‘New year, new ME’ doesn’t resonate with my being – who I am, nor who I am becoming. The truth of the matter is, there is no ‘new […]

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Love Is A Gift – A Touching Story & Reminder This Holiday Season

With the holiday season here and Christmas literally right around the corner (next week!), I wanted to be sure I chimed in and shared something beautiful with you […]

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Take A Quantum Leap – HEALING SUMMIT 2019

Let’s start with a story… About a month ago I began a conversation with an open mind and heart. Not knowing where it would lead nor having any […]

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From The Buddha Room At Dar Soukkar

While I can appreciate a good evening out, both glamorous and rare, I always find myself becoming an introvert out of its shell. This is what happened whilst […]

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Journey with Me..✨