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Summer is HERE! Updates, Solstice and YogaClub

A week into the Summer and it seems that even here in Canada (yes, you read that correctly!) the heat waves have finally arrived. As a born & […]

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the metamorphosis

there’s this humming buzzing floating rush     sounds i’ve dreamt before     a feeling i know quite well     energy beyond this realm     […]

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A Lush Escape

  We all have a world we are born into (whether it be of physical matter, culture/traditions or upbringing, mannerisms, etc.), and therefore grow accustomed to a certain […]

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As the Universe itself (through our passing days, the phases of the Moon, sunrises to sunsets, eclipses and portals – interactions, crossings, experiences and lessons) connects us further […]

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Better Periods With Voxapod

So let’s be real. Periods can be a tough experience, and more so – monthly?! I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments, as well as painful ones, throughout […]

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LIVE – Full Moon Global Meditation with Collective Evolution

Collaboration with Collective Evolution Tune in to catch me leading a global meditation for world peace on the Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in collaboration […]

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Loving-kindness meditation is a practice helping us develop the habit of selflessness or altruistic love. When practicing loving-kindness meditation, one supports the mind in becoming free of pain […]

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How to Meditate in Seven Simple Steps

Have you ever imagined meditation to be something complicated and possible only with lots of efforts? Probably Google and the cinematographic depiction of meditation postures might have had […]

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You ARE The Universe

Thank you An open letter to Self I, you, us.. we, ALL Entry 0723A4111616 bEARTHday A new revolution around the Sun. There have been many times life has […]

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Journey with Me..✨