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LIVE – Full Moon Global Meditation with Collective Evolution

Collaboration with Collective Evolution Tune in to catch me leading a global meditation for world peace on the Super Blue Moon Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in collaboration […]

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Loving-kindness meditation is a practice helping us develop the habit of selflessness or altruistic love. When practicing loving-kindness meditation, one supports the mind in becoming free of pain […]

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How to Meditate in Seven Simple Steps

Have you ever imagined meditation to be something complicated and possible only with lots of efforts? Probably Google and the cinematographic depiction of meditation postures might have had […]

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Gratitude 28

After years of adventuring and teleporting around the world, this year I decided to spend my birthday (bEARTHday) at home, here in Arizona with my family. Though much […]

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The Beauty of Your Evolution

Halfway through with the ‘New Year’ already as of today, and the Universe has rewarded & prepared us well with great vibes emitted through last night’s Venus & […]

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Solstice: What it is & Why it’s Significant

Here and there, if you’re following a certain type of crowd (you know the type, those like us who love all things Universe and are all about the +vibes we […]

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Nature’s Most Powerful Ingredients

Natural + Powerful – NewBeauty Magazine

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Never Forget

One day I will collect all of my writings that have survived the moves, travels, and processes of life and record them as magical audio experiences and journeys. […]

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Journey Back Home

There’s this beautiful turning point… in all of our lives where everything begins to click for us. Anything that is no longer resonating with our frequency, serving higher […]

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Journey with Me..✨