Realization & Release

I wanted to start this ‘entry’ off with grand revelations and bright energy of ideas, affirmations, etc. and more – But then quickly realized a few things. Over the last few weeks, months or years even – I’ve begun to notice the patterns I take part in living. Like most on the physical plane, I exist and feel the ‘need’ (to exist) or at times ‘desire’ to continue existing a certain way – in both the material and digital planes. Whether it be of ego itself, or fear of whatever it may be – We, as humans or of our generation alone, created an illusory parallel dimension to distract us…

So instinctively, I began to break it down.

I wanted” – ‘I’ being ego; the isolation(/separation/detachment from Self) of entity & illusion of duality, separation & loss of wholeness/truth/vision. “Want” being desire; the longing for something ‘outside’ of Self, and belief that ‘else’ exists outside of our very being & Soul.

The patterns mentioned are such in which Self & Wholeness simply IS, is lost/forgotten, and found/acknowledged – spiraling downward then upwards again to find/change & awaken/ascend; the visions clearer, the light (prisms/colors/energy) brighter, the vibrations & frequencies heightened.

We are created of purity; illusions are played, falsities are taught, separation is learned, ego is born. It becomes blatantly existent, so much that we forget to listen to trueSelf and begin to believe in the disillusion – where happiness and peace can not breathe, we grasp for air, water, purity anew… then notice and change occur.  Ascension, growth, knowing, being, the eternal & infinite – passing the final tests and flying higher & higher. Beyond the stars we go, only to fall lightyears away again for the rebirth, the amnesia… life on what we perceive as Earth. The quicker this process of being (/beings in/)on earth is accepted, the quicker and more smoothly we rise.  May we raise our vibrations and continue to hold higher and higher frequencies in unison.

In short, a switch or shift (of mentality, character, paradigm, etc.) occurs where great change is made – little by little, and all at once, each occurrence closer – to trueSelf – of Wholeness, Unity, and Universal Peace & Love – as awareness is in action and effect.

Suppose how this should/is being commenced now is –

My name is Dulce Ruby – that’s the title my parents chose to gift me with/named me, and up until just recently I’ve realized such identity may not be that important. Over the years (and it will be written as so until further explained), there’s been this wave of growth & decline which cycles in/through humanity. We’ve constructed so much (which was most probably imagined & manifested with purest of intent) but as these instances of incrementing change occur (time), they evolved through the lower frequencies where fearful change and extinction are high in vocabulary use.

There is a name in which was given to me, that to this current day still love and will hold dear as a part of me that existed, but that is past tense. If truly am starting to see and understand the inner-workings of what the Universe holds and teaches, one could say that ‘Soul Traveler’ suits me best.  This is not of personal suiting either – and that’s what really caught me – it’s that WE ARE ALL THE SOULTRAVELING ABOUT THE UNIVERSE – WITHIN & OUTSIDE OF OUR SELF.

This article and site will cease to be focused on me as an individual, but do hope to awaken you back to the beginning and wish for you to read as if about YOU. Am a firm believer in Source, and that in which we call God, etc. all in all is the maker, creator, All that there was, all there is, all We Are.  Because of this, and more in detail, believe that we, ourSelf, are ALL.  And if so, I am YOU, you are ME – and together, WE are the creator & creation – itSelf.

Over the course of existence, We have created a dimension in which we can oversee and live in separate vehicles in order to experience all that there is within us; for as ONE we would know not much of energy exchange.

And that’s where this begins. We are here to share, feel, experience – to learn, grow, see, teach, know and re-member as ONE.  The reason is simple, and yet we dedicate our entire life-span to this re-membrance; hoping and wishing for a happiness, peace, love, and magic that is Who We already have, have always been & Are.

I started writing this 5 months ago, with pages and pages of my journals filled with theories, messages, and epiphanies – and it wasn’t until tonight that I knew it was the moment to appear once again to complete, digest and share.  You see, for the most part this past year had been attempting to live about without certain words in my vocabulary existent.  Most of which were of negative connotations (as to clear all unnecessary energies and remain ignited and radiating), and yet “I” of all those words, proved to be the most difficult.  The more “I” went about my writings, tweets, captions, texts.. the more it became apparent that it was one of my most frequently used string of letters… and it was singular.

In this life, we can go about unnoticed, scream to be heard, be still, at peace, felt – we can do it all; but who are WE without each other ? “I” solely exists to pertain to Self, and as these months to a year went by, “I” came to a realization and agreement.

I will solely use words as see fit to positive incline; as have said plenty before, “Only speak what you wish to be brought into existence.” – And am taking my own advice, full on.  You see, the word “I” wasn’t the issue, and that wasn’t made clear until after I went about attempting to remove it.  It wasn’t until after review, that I noticed this battle wasn’t one of ego until I made it so.  You see, as one goes about removing certain words (including “I”) from vocabulary, we can start to see the form in which intention takes.

Words themselves are not harmful, it is the definition given, intent and energy poured into them, that make them so; and same goes to say vice versa – as we pour love into love itself, it grows.  Words are powerful, magical and great tools for change; and it is our duty as Soul to give them the right form of intention to take shape.


This is Strength. A Soul recognition and confidence in one’s innerstanding.


This is Empowerment. An affirmation and reminder towards who I know “I” is/am/are.


This is Purpose. A divine goal in which we created as we were born onto this earth to learn and grow, together.


This is Awakening. The light that pours in as we acknowledge Self as All, and act upon such radiance with positive emittance.


This is Enlightenment.  May we release the need for anything but beauty, light, love and positivity – then we shall see that solely this exists.

My goal here and now is to share as much as possible – in balance and accordance to higher purpose, service and being, through SoulTraveler.co.  It’s been an interesting ride, and such a magical, beautiful, powerful journey & experience thus far – and can only hope to begin to give, ourSelf, all of me – as YOU.  I want my experiences, to be OUR experiences. For all that is lived, seen, heard and felt to be pure, and to be able to share it as it has been shared and being shared with me.

My goal here and now is to really produce the most equal of energy exchanges; between mySelf, yourSelf, and the Universe – all in all, with SELF.  May my writings, photographs, audios, videos, and energy be of great aid – and may they arrive to each and every one of Us in accordance to our readiness to allow & accept such frequencies.

My goal here and now is to aid, serve, love and share as the Universe gifts me with life, light, love and being.  To be a pillar on our very foundation upon which we begin to build towards sustainable world peace.  My goal here and now is to awaken the same goals in yourSelf, and that we may all grow, learn, teach, and shine.

My goal, is for you to be reading this and for it to spark a light & resonance within & awaken Soul purpose – THIS IS OUR GOAL.

May our goals of pure intent be reached, and may we change the world for the better, together.

See you in the stars…

Remember, re-member, re-member.


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