From The Buddha Room At Dar Soukkar

While I can appreciate a good evening out, both glamorous and rare, I always find myself becoming an introvert out of its shell. This is what happened whilst in Marrakech at Eve Branson’s (Richard Branson’s adorable mother) Gala at the beautiful Palace of Dar Soukkar.

As I floated about the event for a good part of the night sparking conversations and ‘intriguing’ influential individuals with my ‘mystery & aura’ (their words, not my own), I found that it was mildly overwhelming – both the number of people in attendance, though rather intimate still, and the unavoidable topic of ‘what do you do’ which is always an interesting one as a spiritual practitioner amongst a wave of the elite.

With that said, however, most I came across to interact with were lovely beings well on their way in our world looking to make a difference – whether in the material plane or not, it was clear that we are all on this beautiful ride, together. Then, a reflection point that I know far too well kicked in and I wanted silence to really absorb, hear and transcribe what was coming through. I ‘left the party’ and got lost in this majestic space, and as I drifted from room to room, I gravitated to this long, narrow, and dark what seemed like a hallway.

As I made my way, the more that was revealed. A burgundy rug rolled-out beneath my feet leading up to something lit by candles, an ever-present scent of frankincense and myrrh that was only recognizable by my earlier days as an altar server, and then – before my eyes after a good 10 steps – a large Buddha statue with candles all around, a pillow seated right in front for meditation. My Soul lit up. It was time.

I’ve spent a good while now traveling the globe in search of places and spaces of great peace & power. Soul Traveler, which actually started off as ‘Sacred Joules’ (which I’ve now redirected as feel it was well before its time), is meant to showcase all of the beautiful sacred spaces one could travel to if seeking healing, transformation, peace – both in the world and within themselves. It was over time that all else that Soul Traveler has become that more details blossomed into place. So, it was only perfect that I’d manifested upon this secret little hallway, the Buddha Room at Dar Soukkar, to meditate and bring in the message of our collective at that time.

Here is what came through as I sat in this beautiful palace, in a magical country, on this epic once-in-a-lifetime adventure:

“Our complexities drive us to strive for the simple life; that in which was lost, that we already attain within each and every one of us:

A new shift has occurred in which we, as a union, have manifested higher frequencies and quicker evolution than prior known to man alone. We, as a whole, are joined together to build a new platform of revolution; one in which we solely build one another up from foundation, and throughout our growth and development we not only learn, but teach.

Here in this new space of the unconditional natural flow of beautiful energy, we awaken to the sight of pure raw power – that of balance, equality, and love.

There’s this new found source grounding; where we ourSelf can begin to be, fully, who we are and know ourSelf to be – without restraint, worry, fear or doubt.

We are beautiful, magical, powerful; limitless luminous light. We are the everlasting and the eternal, internally and externally we are all.

For a sense of new reach, we begin to revert inward. And through this process of disillusion and creating clarity anew, we reach heights and success beyond what we believed to be possible outward into our scale of weightlessness. We return to who we were before they told us who to be.

We are, here, again, to relearn to re-member as One. To feel, express, and exchange – that of energy, frequency, and vibration; through love and light – we emit and continue to receive through a continuous stream of conscious acts and waking moments of awareness towards our higher purpose, being and truth.✨?⚡️”

(Written while in a space of Peace & Tranquility at the Eve Branson Foundation charity gala at Dar Soukkar, during my recent travels to Marrakech, Morocco with Beautiful Destinations x British Polo Day.)

As I received and transferred the message onto the only notepad I could fit into such a dress, my iPhone glowed in this candle-lit room, and as soon as those last words were typed, I felt a presence. This encounter and questioning has led me to many adventures, this message to many deeper insights as to my purpose and our being on this planet at this time.

If you’d like to see or read more on this trip to Morocco, there is a full separate post & video of our days together, here.

Hope you enjoyed, and until next exploration –

See you in the stars..


Journey with Me..✨
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