It’s Flowtime: 1st Look At The Biosensing Meditation Tool

Soul Traveler has been expanding in a number of ways and it’s such an exciting time as I not only continue to carry and create here, but also work on creating various other passion projects. My purpose is to produce content that aids us in awakening and becoming the best versions of ourselves. This can come in a multitude of ways. Whether it is travel, wellness, art, or tech-based, I always seem to gravitate towards sharing my latest finds and crossings as I feel they benefit the masses.

So with my newest venture of diving deeper into the consciousness realm on a grand scale, I wanted to introduce something really special in the conscious-tech space. As an avid explorer of everything & anything to improve or make my practice unique, I always love finding gems that are working towards aiding us to become better versions of ourselves to share with you.

Finding them brings me hope and shows that we are on our way towards sharing a collective experience in which the masses begin to look inward and really work through some heaviness we’ve been carrying around for far too long.

This is how I felt when I found Entertech.

Their first device, Naptime, utilizes EEG sensors and Machine Learning Technology to analyze your brainwave activity. It calms you down by pushing suitable music, keeps a peaceful sleep environment by intelligent volume control, and wakes you up at the optimal time in your sleep cycle so you feel refreshed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.



Their second device was Luna, which can lull you into a nap or caress you into a full night sleep. Luuna intelligently learns from your brain waves to produce music and sounds that are in harmony with your body’s rhythm, helping you fall asleep better and faster.

I recently received these first two and am looking forward to seeing the benefits of improved sleep & rest as a whole!


Fitting Luuna to my size. Can’t wait to try it out – Could use some better sleep! ^_^
The details in packaging are as impressive as the mask, app and overall product itself! Naps for the win!








…And lastly, their newest addition to the health & spiritual wellness space: Flowtime.

Flowtime is a headband that tracks brainwaves and heart rate in real-time to dig deep inside your mind and body when meditating. And if you’ve been reading my works for the past decade, you know that a good tool for mediation that ALSO tracks real-time data of how one’s brain and body react to their practice is golden to me and for all of us really!

As Flowtime states, “Meditation helps us relax. When we meditate, we can let go of our thoughts and emotions, and let our bodies and minds heal. In today’s fast-paced modern society, we want to experience all of the science-based benefits of meditation for our mental health and physical wellbeing. However, meditation and mindfulness are hard for most people to get into. And, sometimes, we have to do a lot of meditating to get real results.

When we do exercise, we have fitness trackers to monitor the body, the heart rate, and calories, etc. But have you desired to know how your brain and body react to meditation? Any device could do that as well?

Luckily, Flowtime is here to help!

Below is a snippet of all the information shared on their Kickstarter:

The most thrilling thing about Flowtime is the two-channel EEG acquisition technology monitors brainwaves in real time and distinguish brainwave energy from left to right-hemisphere, while the heart-rate sensor also tracks your heart constantly. It’s amazing to see how your body and brain are changing when meditating.

The real-time data matters when you are doing meditation, while rich data report after practice is also crucial to the measurement of your practice every time and insights of your progress. The sensors passively sense your brain and heart activities and the app translates them into visualized graphs of your body performance. You will be eager to see how well you perform after you practice.

To meditate is to feel free, which guides us in appearance design. Our excellent design partner Piero got the inspirations from hummingbird. The ultra-slim design makes the headband imperceptible and incredibly light, only 25g, while the rubber band on the back keeps it in perfect position, especially suitable for running meditation and yoga meditation. Ergonomics studies have been made to include a wide range of users: the elastic rubber band in two sizes are flexible to adapt to different head circumference.

Meditation is not just a spiritual experience. Science can explain what meditation does to your brain. Brain waves, which are electromagnetic energy, reflect what’s happening in your brain.

Flowtime is an innovative way to understand what is going on in your head as you practice and make the insensible change inside the brain visualized in the app. Whether you practice on your own or guided by a mentor, the data helps to find out whether you are focusing on meditation or distracted.

Many people think meditation is difficult to learn because they cannot get deep enough to impact their subconscious. People often cannot get into it in a way that truly makes a difference. But Flowtime will tell you it does make differences!

Meditation practitioners generally experience a lower heart rate and blood pressure. Some individuals experience a decline at rest of 7-15 beats per minute. Heart rate variability (HRV) is another key indication of especially your nervous system, stress and recovery activity, but also overall health as well as general fitness.

Scientific studies have shown that meditation transforms the way brain acts to stress and other passive emotions. That is why two-channel EEG sensors are necessary to make Flowtime be able to distinguish brainwave energy from left to right. You’ll know from the graph how meditation helps you with the positive emotion which is primarily processed by the left hemisphere and negative the right.

The more you practice, the more you realize the gap between you and experienced meditators becomes smaller and know better where you are going.

Long-term meditation is a tool that helps our brains evolve and develop more compassion towards ourselves as well as others. Neurofeedback is what makes Flowtime truly different from anything you have tried before.

Final Words

As excited I was to share all of this with you, I am equally excited to receive and try Flowtime out for myself! They are on their final days of funding and really wanted to be sure I shared with you all to be sure if you are interested that you are able to buy and try it out as well at an incredible introductory price!

Whether you are a novice meditator at the start of your practice and spiritual journey, or an expert meditator looking for some data to base your progress from – I truly believe this to be an incredible tool to add to our arsenal.

If interested – You can purchase your own before they go into retail by supporting their Kickstarter HERE!

Be sure to look out for my unboxing of this product on Kickstarter in a couple months when it is done with production and shipped! In the meantime, do hope you read more into such tools and perhaps purchase for yourselves so that we can journey on using Flowtime to improve our practice/meditation together!

And lastly, a disclosure: This is a direct partnership with Entertech (creators of Naptime, Luuna, and Flowtime). The above is a sponsored post written in my own words based off of my own true and genuine thoughts on their product. I have taken weeks to read up on, research, ask questions to the creators, and be in communication to work towards seeing if it was a good fit for not solely my brand to showcase, but also for myself personally to share with you. This is a beautiful collaboration with Entertech, whose motto is, ‘Your Inner Peace Is What We Focus On’ and with whom I have had the pleasure to work with for the past couple weeks. In return, I wrote this honest review so that you could decide for yourself if this is a good fit for you and your practice.

It is always important to remember that though this is my business (creating & sharing conscious content), it is more important to always be transparent with you and be sure that I solely partner up with & promote what I genuinely love and am supporting myself.

Thank you all for being a part of this journey and do hope the tools, practices, and writings I share add to your life & lifestyle!



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