A Little DOSE of Self-Love

Somewhere in between, ‘Happy New Year!✨🎉’ and NOW, we’ve managed to blink and find ourselves sitting on the cusp of February! 😳 How did this even happen?! I […]

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It’s Flowtime: 1st Look At The Biosensing Meditation Tool

Soul Traveler has been expanding in a number of ways and it’s such an exciting time as I not only continue to carry and create here, but also […]

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Take A Quantum Leap – HEALING SUMMIT 2019

Let’s start with a story… About a month ago I began a conversation with an open mind and heart. Not knowing where it would lead nor having any […]

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Summer is HERE! Updates, Solstice and YogaClub

A week into the Summer and it seems that even here in Canada (yes, you read that correctly!) the heat waves have finally arrived. As a born & […]

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Better Periods With Voxapod

So let’s be real. Periods can be a tough experience, and more so – monthly?! I’ve had my share of embarrassing moments, as well as painful ones, throughout […]

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Journey with Me..✨