The Beauty of Your Evolution

Halfway through with the ‘New Year’ already as of today, and the Universe has rewarded & prepared us well with great vibes emitted through last night’s Venus & Jupiter (The Goddess of Love & the God of Sky and Thunder) appearing close in proximity, as well as tonight’s Full (Buck or Summer) Moon – which happens to be the first of two in July this year.

On this special present moment, as we grow more into Self and become more open to receiving such Light, may we take some time to reflect and guide our focus more towards truth & love – of Self, and others.


Let’s ask ourSelf a few questions and see how we are aligning with our divine purpose:

How much have you grown, loved, learned, given, taught & accomplished?

Are you proud of how far you’ve come, where you are, and are heading?

What could you do, change, and/or focus on being to help progress and move even closer to the Our ultimate goal (& true success) of Peace & Happiness?


Now, go back and answer those all in a positive manner/Light; see nothing but the beauty of what ‘time’ has created for you, here & now, and welcome in who you are to be happy, grateful, radiant and at peace with who YOU ARE and accept that the journey towards who you shall be is one of equal beauty and radiance.


Looking back, we can always see how far we’ve come; looking forward, there are limitless possibilities to go. It’s the minor detail of removing toxic perceptions and memories to rid of negative playback that can alter your world and reality.  Today, take a vow with me to never look back unless it’s to see how far you’ve come.  Release the negativity into the void and show Love to yourSelf. See the beauty of your evolution; see yourSelf for who you truly ARE: Beautiful, Pure, Powerful and Aligned with the Divine.


Take full advantage of these higher frequencies to cleanse and recharge; soak-in the Full Moon – relax, reflect, and let go of all of which no longer resonates nor serves purpose. Stay conscious, and be prepared to catapult forward in the coming days through your very own positivity and love!


Go & love with all your might, Beautiful Soul!

And as always, enjoy the vibes…



See you in the stars…

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