A Lush Escape


We all have a world we are born into (whether it be of physical matter, culture/traditions or upbringing, mannerisms, etc.), and therefore grow accustomed to a certain kind of life, way of being, and environment/s until we choose to break free.  On the verge of the full Moon and Lunar eclipse here in October, I decided to venture off into a little less well-known territory for not only a change of scenery – but mindset and energy as well.  I was born and raised in Arizona; a state of beautiful, vast landscapes, dry heat and a blazing Sun solely us natives seem to be used to.  When I ventured out into the world however, I found that there was so much more to not only explore & discover, but to Life itself – and so here the journey began…

As I travel near and far, I would like to have you accompany me – into my adventures around the world & into Self.  Guided by solely my dreams and my vision I write to you now of solely three things: expansion, evolution, and energy.

There are several things that must be addressed prior to jumping into such discovery; such as, how we can go about beginning our inner journey towards absolute inner peace and Self Love for balance & harmony in our outer world. 

This week, like most, I began with writing an open letter to mySelf and goals I saw that should be reached in order to move forward on this said journey.  It is very important to make habit of allotting time for yourSelf – away from all of the noise, static and negative frequencies – & often.  As you begin to open up to not only the idea of being “alone,” but actually enjoying and becoming comfortable in solitude, you will steadily learn how to clear your mind and silence any negative incoming energies, thoughts etc. even when in a world of chaos – such as cities, events, etc. that you may find yourself in.


Practice Exercise

(Allot yourSelf a minimum of 30 minutes for some “Me time”)

Find a space where you can clear your mind, preferably in nature. 

What to bring with you:

Notebook, pen, blanket/towel (something to put down to sit/lay on), water (always stay hydrated!), camera for documentation (memory building), and crystals (if you own any – for cleansing, charging and setting intent – more on this in later weeks!).

Nothing else, and please – try and leave all digital distractions behind (cell, etc.). This is YOUR time for YOU; during this period nothing else matters, or exists.  As our first week together, I would like to start off with the most simplest and yet one of the most rewarding experiences: meditation.

When you’ve found the perfect spot, get comfortable and situate yourself in a position where you will be able to be still and unbothered for at least half an hour.  Take in the view, and if you couldn’t make it out into the world – no worries! A quiet space alone is more than enough – be it your room, a library, etc. – just enjoy your company.  Moving forward, open up your notebook and start to write whatever comes to mind – free flowing thoughts with no restraints.  After a few minutes or until you feel ready, put it away and off to the side – then close your eyes, breathe deeply, really focusing on each breath – in & out – and clear your mind.  As thoughts begin to arise (“this is silly,”  “..what will I be eating later,” “I wonder..” etc. etc.), listen to what is being ‘said.’ – Is it purposeful, positive ?  That may not be the case starting off, but pay attention to the energy – how you FEEL – release all thought, and just BE.  Stillness and silence here is a beautiful thing in which can bring about so much magic if you solely allow.  As negative thoughts/energy arises, zap it away – just like that, and forbid it from entering your ever so clear frequency of purity and love.  Sit and enjoy your time, breathing in the Universe and just BEING.  Give yourSelf 15 minutes (that’s not much in correlation to a day’s supposed worth, right? ..and this is YOU we are speaking of, YOU DESERVE IT!  After wrapping up some time here, new thoughts, ideas, discoveries may have been had/made – So, now – take out your notebook again, and write away!  I suggest doing this every time – prior & before – in order to see your growth not only over time, but as you step into your Self & center, and as you awaken anew. 


This is solely the beginning, you are blessed light and together we shall shine.


Journey with Me..✨
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