• What is it I need to unlearn, and how do I unlearn it?

There are so many stories of grandeur we’ve been taught about beings & promises outside of ourSelf. From heroes & legends, to obsessive mentalities, characters & lifestyles we seek to be or attain – our beliefs are veered beyond what we know, deep within, to be true. 

Coming out from our coma into remembrance and knowing, is letting go of man-made tales, fears, doubts, worries, and limits. We have learned, and in short – have been TAUGHT – many things of no importance in order to forget that of upmost importance – what we have always felt, believed and known: that we are limitless beings of infinite possibility.

The way I see it, the more we intake from outer realms such as digital, material, etc – the more we lose sight of what is most valuable – our inner realm: our heart & soul. 

All of which is encompassed as the ‘spiritual’ aspect of life – is that of truth, purity, and organic in nature.

To come more into our Self, truth, power & purpose – and unlearn all of which no longer resonates with our being or serves our highest good, we must detach and let go of the ideology which has been played on loop the majority of our lives. There is a strong message coming from outside of ourSelf wishing for us to believe that we are less than, unworthy, incomplete or flawed if we do not abide by ‘their’ rules, play ‘their’ game and become another cloned physicality & mentality for ‘them’ to profit from.

This is what we need to unlearn. We need to re-member and realize that we are so much more than we have been led, taught and brainwashed to think.

In order to unlearn such programming, we must stop thinking and simply BE. Allow the truth within ourSelf to flow through and believe in ourselves again – fully, unconditionally, strongly & purely.

Detach from anything or anyone who makes you feel as though you are not magical. Let go of and dismiss whatever stunts your growth and evolution – for it does not aid you.

  • What is it I need to remember, and how do I remember it?

When you steady your breath, still your mind, and embrace your BEING – how do you feel? Removing all of the outside chatter, thoughts, worries, and longings – what are you left with?

Arriving at the point where you are ‘in the moment’ and nothing else exists but your presence you can begin to understand that life is rather simple.

We tend to forget this. And this is where remembrance is most crucial, as it plays a major role in our collective evolution – our mass awakening.

I feel strongly that we, as a whole, have forgotten who we were before they told us who to be. We have lost touch with our true nature and truth, and allowed our visions, dreams and purpose to be led astray by outside distractions.

Whether it be digital, electronic, physical, etc – media and outside thoughts have swayed our way of being into something not fully in tune with Self.  We are then found searching for something outside, yet we are now coming to realize that what we have really been seeking is our Self. The time, space and love deep within that comes from Self-reflection, love & awareness.

When we become more aware of this and begin to remember through deep reflection and practice, we find that very supposed void being filled – by a miraculous discovery that has been here all along..

We are warriors of light. We are the Universe experiencing itself for a blip in time.

  • How do I evolve?

Evolution is an interesting take – as even by definition it has no direction and yet we continue to use it interchangeably for growth & rise. For me, I find evolution to mean change. I believe we are always evolving, as we are beings living a life of continuous experience. Suppose the real question is: how do we make sure we are continuously growing & expanding our Self, hearts, minds and spirits?

For this I can simply say: stay true to YOU.

Finding your purpose comes from surrendering to & flowing with your truth. Following your passions, speaking from your heart, and living mindfully aid greatly in such evolution.

Personally, I can say that my evolution has been quite the adventure. In this past decade alone I have come to grow out of the modeling industry, back into my roots of spirituality and practice (meditation), gone on a World Peace Tour as the first female in history to travel alone alongside a male buddhist monk, and am now back to balancing my love for my practice with my love for art & conscious content creation.

I’ve found that to truly be at peace and find happiness you must allow yourself to BE, with no restraint. We have all had quite an adventure this life, I’m sure of it, and at times it gets difficult – but I promise you it will always be worth it in the end. What one learns, experiences, and is able to share or teach is worth a million lifetimes over. There is no set guideline, timeline or deadline – live at your own pace and create the life of your dreams, FOR YOU.

Unlearn. Re-member. EVOLVE.

Thank you so much.

See you in the stars..


Journey with Me..✨
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