inner & outer world exploration


You allow the journey to be the destination.
You explore Mind, Body, and SOUL.
You see the beauty in All & Self.

Exploring & Expanding Consciousness...

Soul Traveler is dedicated to the well being and Self-realization of those who come across it. Think of it as a portal of Insights and Inspiration for the Soul, from the Soul.  Whether you’re seeking further inner-peace & innerstanding, or adventure & discovery –  You can find it all in balance here

  • Guides, visuals, writings, and all around good vibes
  • Feature: Travel, Wellness, Lifestyle, and Spirituality
  • Conscious Content Creations, Coverage & Curation
  • Events, Art, and Beings that speak to the Soul!✨⚡

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find your zen. feed your Soul.

Want to Have a Better Period AND Help Women Everywhere Get Access To Safe Period Care?

That’s the question, here’s my answer.. YES! Of course I do, and surely we all do. Periods, though magical in their own way, can sometimes SUCK. Here I […]

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Are You a Conscious Creator? Here’s An Event JUST FOR YOU!

It’s the end of February and we are flowing with magic fresh in this new year. Many of us have already started to see the fruit of our […]

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Sesame Almond Butter Zoodles

  Print SESAME ALMOND BUTTER ZOODLES Ingredients 5-6 Medium Zucchinis 2 tbsp olive oil more as needed Sauce 1/4 cup creamy almond butter 1/4 cup reduced-sodium soy sauce […]

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Guided Meditation
Transcendental experiences formulated over years of deep insight with Greats & Adepts.
Soul Sessions
Deep wholesome advice from the frequency embodying the divine feminine and beyond.
Spoken Word
Vocalized art emitting from the purity of inspired thought and a genuine connection with the Cosmos.
Art Direction
Creative consultation designed to capture one's product, brand or service in the best light.


Press & Partnerships