An Interview with Gypsy05 – Muse Monday

“Today for Muse Monday we would like you to meet someone who has been a constant inspiration to us, meet Dulce Ruby a truly beautiful mind and soul.

G05: Tell us about yourself.

D.R.: Hello, hello xx My name is Dulce Ruby, and I am what I like to call a Soul Traveler.  For the past couple years I’ve been on a journey in which I’ll never return from; through a change of mentality, I have altered my reality and just wish to create & share, and in hopes inspire others to look into themselves and go out into the world as well.  I believe in tapping into higher realms, parallel dimensions, in self – the you, the me & the Universe as one – and like to write about what I see (both on the physical and spiritual plane through travel & meditation) in hopes of aiding more in flight/sight and awakening.  I am amid launching my company/site ‘Sacred Joules’ (divine energy) where I have combined my worlds into one to bring about my works throughout my travels and journey in a new way.  All of my writings, photographs, and adventures along with meditations, walk throughs, art/media and jewels collected and cleansed – all there for those who wish to experience, enjoy and become enlightened to.


G05:What inspires you?

D.R.: Color, nature, Life… dreams, passion, happiness – the bigger picture of it all; the remembrances and knowing that what we are seeing We, our Selves, are creating. The questions “What is Life… what makes you, You?” turned and answered through “Enjoy the ride… soak in the beautiful views” – the sense that we are not alone and the reinstated epiphanies that We are one. Wanderlust, love and art – of all forms. The magic in our every day lives that goes unnoticed, every crossing, all of the feel good energy… down to the very vibrations in frequency; it allinspires me, truly.

G05: Describe your style.

D.R.: I suppose if I had to pinpoint my personal ‘style’ – it would be that of nature, power & dreams; in multiple perceptions. I like to be comfortable, whether writing and creating away or meditating somewhere distant to capture the very words and inspiration. I like a dash of the woods, some salt of the sea and those cozy at home vibes… with a touch of magic. So a combination of all these is where I fall into place I believe. I’d like to consider it to be somewhat like that of being draped in clothes that were made for dreaming. The magical kind – in regards to the adventures, the love and the freedom; ones where you are capable of being every and anything you’ve ever dreamt of being. I like to feel like that, a touch of empowerment through Self… whatever sense of power is needed on that particular day/adventure/etc – that’s what I’ll be dressing myself in.

 G05: If you could go back 5 years, and give yourself any advice what would it be?

D.R.: Well I think the best thing to do in a situation such as that, would be the same things I’m telling mySelf today… you know, to speed up the process of remembrance and come into the knowing. I’d tell myself to wake up – open my eyes and feel my way out of the matrix/maze/illusion.  Honestly, it’s tough those first few moments of awareness – in questioning how Life itself COULD be a dream, and doubt – fear even of – the possibility that your reality is really whatever you wish it to be. That’s where the problem lays, and where we must all really learn to let go of any negativity – static – and just allow ourselves to enjoy, accept and be happy through our journey & waking dream. The Universe just hits a switch one day and your Soul, you – your Self – says enough is enough, I don’t want to feel that way anymore; I am happy. I am free. I AM BEAUTIFUL. etc etc. The advice is simple in its complexity – Just BE. Whatever you wish to attain or be, you already have & Are and must solely awaken to that fact. You are whomever You choose to be, as soon as you allow yourSelf to Be.

 G05: If you had one wish what would it be?

D.R.: I wish for world peace. Daily. A wish is but a prayer with strong focus, desire and intent. So, if I am but a mere reflection of all the fellow beings/energy/mirrors I (co)exist with – through crossing, interaction, thoughts, connections – why would I not wish for all of ME to be happy and at peace, you know? I think something as simple as WANTING to be happy and wishing that for others, set into the minds of ALL of us would bring about great change.

G05:  Who is someone that you look up to and why?

D.R.: I look up to Nikola Tesla, Frida Kahlo, Paramahansa Yogananda… individuals who were/are beyond their time, innovators, artists, movers, shakers and peace makers. Those overlooked, undermined gems that still shine bright in their impacting influence to this very day.

 G05: What do you like to do in your spare time?

D.R.: Create ways for me to continue doing what I love to do in Life.  Meditation is a key factor in my life, and I’ve grown to love what it brings into my it so I like to find open spaces with amazing views – that’s how Sacred Joules come about – and just soak it all in, meditate/pray/connect. You somehow create more ‘time’ in a world built on such limitations when allowing yourself to just breathe and experience all that you Are.

 G05: What is one piece of advice you would give to our readers?

D.R.: Same advice I give and remind mySelf to follow, ‘Just Be You’ – the person you want to be sooo bad that you know would fill your Soul with such light/Life, but have fear/doubts of due to outside influence beyond Self – Be THAT awesome person.  Silence the mind, and let your Soul speak.  I say it all the time, but I seriously consider it to be my ultimate affirmation and mantra. When one learns to filter out thoughts and accept pure consciousness – that expansive feeling and wholeness, of true infinite Self – they in turn awaken into a power unimaginable to the mind – a limitless, timeless, mindless reality where whatever you wish to manifest is yours upon acceptance of such belief, desire and intention.  Please, if you’re reading this – take 15 mins for yourSelf right now (and work up daily if you wish to continue to find yourSelf). Close everything down, turn off and put aside all digital distractions, clear space and just BE. Sit, breathe, relax, reflect & go. Breathe and simply allow any worry, fear, doubt and negativity to filter out and away. Forbid it from entering your frequency and completely let it cease to exist. Release all that is no longer of value to your growth, gift yourSelf with Love, and be accepting of all the good that comes into your life. Tune into your inner frequency and find your center – WHOLENESS.

 G05: Feel free to add any info that you want our readers to know about you 🙂

D.R.: Thank you all so much for gifting me your time and allowing me to fill it with my voice and frequency; hope it brings you each much light, love & clarity. If you wish to be a part of my journey, read further works, watch guided meditations, purchase my book or jewels I’ve collected in foreign lands and cleansed in sacred spaces, etc etc – Please feel free to head on over to my site and subscribe – the magic awaits xx “

 Thank you once again, I am truly eternally grateful xx @dulceruby

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