3 Tokens of Advice For 2015 & On

A couple weeks back, I wrote of my past adventures and lessons I encountered while living them.  This week’s post is all about those said lessons and how to go about putting them into action in your own life.  


1. BE


– This may come as a no brainer to most, but even the most smug of us need the reminder here and there.  Release ego, allow no room for limitations, barriers, fears or doubts.  Just allow who you are – TRULY ARE – to shine through with no dimmer.  We are all beautiful; remember that together as a whole and individually, we ARE the Universe itself – act as such and reveal the majestic being you know yourSelf to be.  There is something within that you wish to share and have yet to find courage to – with that, please listen to me closely as a reflection of Self and hear that the time is NOW.  Whatever you dream, see & so much as desire to be – BE that, beautiful Soul… and don’t look back.  There is no one in the world that matters more than yourSelf; listen to your heart & Soul and with that, fill the skies with your ever limitless Light – oh, divine One! 



– This one is a bit more complex in that it is so simple I feel I must explain further.  I have written in the past (plethora of times) that we must allow time for Self and discovery within; beyond that, lies the space where we must escape while within chaos.  Set yourSelf free, continuously as though you are all that exists.  Take a ‘bad’ day and turn it into the raddest yet; when you feel down on your luck, look for a sign – take a deep breath and simply release what is no longer of use to you or your purpose.  At times it may seem difficult to do so, trust me – I’m with you completely and understand – but innerstand and become one for a moment & allow that very second of conscious thought & being to live on forever through you and prosper in that very breath.  Patience, you shall clear your skies as you breathe out the Sun. Light & LOVE – always, beautiful Soul! 



– Upon meditating deep in the caves, I thought – what a life I live; practicing & ‘preaching’ about peace & meditation – spirituality at its best… and then jumping out of planes, running through jungles, scuba diving through ancient ceremonial rivers of Mayan cultures – as if I lived off thrill alone.  Then it hit me, this is what it’s all about – truly must be.  In order to see that we find and live life to the fullest in awareness and gratitude, we must first awaken to the truth and then live it.  I feel that this is what I have found and am finding as I go further into mySelf and the world itself.  We, as a whole, must find peace within and love outside (and vice versa) to come full circle to what we are – a beautiful manifestation of light materialized on this plane of existence to experience, grow, remember and thrive. Find your inner balance for your outer world experience – find peace & live life to the fullest!



Remember you are built of stars; reflect your light & shine bright!



See you in the stars…




Dulce Ruby

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