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Dulce Ruby Takes Thailand | Photo Diary

Hello, hello – beautiful, traveling Souls! My name is Dulce Ruby, and I am sending the purest of energy your way as I take over Dame Traveler this week. I am the creator of Soul Traveler – where I write of my adventures around the globe to places and spaces of great peace & power, as well as the inner journey into Self. My aim is to aid in awakening others to a dream-like reality by sharing what I learn & experience along the way through explorations, meditations, lucid dreaming techniques, and so much more!

Upon preparing for my coming journey to Thailand for what will surely be a life-altering two weeks in meditation, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite moments from my last journey there in hopes of inspiring you all to go on an adventure of your own – wherever your heart & Soul may desire & dream to awaken.  This photograph was taken near Phuket prior to setting forth towards central Thailand to a Tiger Sanctuary where I spent some time learning from monks about silence, stillness & great love.<

Outside of our fears and self-limitations, live our dreams and true happiness. Release yourSelf from that in which binds you to routine and the ‘norm,’ as we were born for so much more than we have been led to believe.  Everything is energy, and if we solely believe & act on this one fact and work towards improving the way we exchange such – we can then awaken into a dream beyond any reality conceivable prior. In Thailand, there are a couple beautiful sanctuaries that take in wild animals that have either made their way into big cities, risking their safety – or others that had been treated poorly for sake of tourist attraction, etc.  Here, I spent some time learning how to resonate with such majestic beings through releasing fears, embracing silence and showing love through mind, body, heart & Soul.  Highly recommend such experience for anyone wishing to hone in on meditational practices, up for taking a vow of silence, and going deeper into Self.

Back down south has become one of my favorite spots I have yet to visit here in Thailand! As I made my way around the islands, I stopped in my tracks and began to cry. Not just any tears, but some of the happiest & enlightening I had ever cried before. You see, this exact spot – what you see right before/behind & around me – was actually something I had placed before mySelf subconsciously for months prior to having arrived at the destination, without even ever having planned it.  In short, I had actually found an image on Tumblr early on in the year that called my attention and made it my background on my computer & iPhone.  As I arrived and sat down to drink some coconut concoction (magical, if I may add) after a long trip by sea, I looked up and thought… wow, this is BEAUTIFUL. Still not aware or realizing where I was, I took my phone out and tried to take a picture but the phone would not unlock.. or so I thought. It took a few seconds to realize that the issue was not the phone, but the fact that I was sitting right within my very own lock-screen background. I ran to the nearest person and in tears, asked if they could PLEASE take my photograph – and this was it.

This is what Purification during Songkran Water Festival looks like. Celebrated the Southeast Asian New Year with the locals in Bangkok! Paying respect and wishing everyone good luck all the while having a great time being blessed & cleansed. Blessings, love, light & so much magic in all directions straight to your Soul!

After making my way through the islands and city being completely drenched with water and blessed with what I can only describe as sweet smelling holy powder/paste for the three-day celebration that is Songkran, finally arrived at the temple for meditation and renewal. Such a magical experience. No place I rather be than the state of tranquility.

Fellow travelers, it’s been lovely sharing some of my favorite moments from Thailand with you all. Thank you so much for tuning in and allowing me the experience & platform hope to have inspired & awakened a bit of spirituality & adventure within you! I sign off with my last image from island hopping in south Thailand. Prior to re-boarding the boat, had just explored the Viking Caves where it felt like I had time-traveled back in time. It all seemed like a dream, stepping foot onto a magical land of beauty, simplicity & pure energetic interactions; merrily, merrily… Life IS but a dream.

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