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✦2020 Lunar Calendar PRE-ORDER✦ Signed Limited Edition Holographic Art Print

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$50.00 $33.00

“The energy of each phase of the moon is the governing principle of the energy of your inner world – your emotional state. The phase of the moon can be worked with as it affects whatever is happening in your life – taking it through the cycle of birth, inception, growth/development, full potential/harvest, breaking down/dissolving, letting go/death, stillness/vision of newness and rebirth.”

This calendar features moon phases for every day of the month for the entirety of 2020 amid Dulce Ruby’s popular quote ‘Just like the Moon we go through phases‘ which was digitally inscribed and then worked onto the calendar.

As a limited edition run of 100, this poster has shimmering hand-embellished stars and is signed by me (DR 😊🙏)  to give it that final touch of magic.✨🖊

Posters will start to ship Dec 1st. 2019 

Please be sure to order by Dec 10th to receive in time for Christmas!

If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.✨💜

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Product Description

If you are seeing this, you are greatly appreciated! As I venture into creating some more tangible items that can be produced to grace your home with pure vibrations – I have set in motion this 2020 Lunar calendar for PRE-SALE!

With that said, if you purchase now you are guaranteeing that you will be one of the first to receive this limited run (at a discounted rate), as well as be aiding me in the production cost by purchasing before I finalize the print & begin to ship out in December.

As a thank you for your love, support, and belief in my vision, I will also be personally hand embellishing and signing your print as an extra dose of magic & gratitude.✨🙏😊

At this time the art print is set to measure 29.7 x 42.0 cm, or 11.69 x 16.53 inches — an ideal size for framing! (sizing is subject to change if the production of print needs to be adjusted. ALL customers will be notified if this alters — thank you for being open and understanding as I search for the most magical and efficient way to get these beauties out to you!)

** ‘Copyright Dulce Ruby’ will not appear on your purchased calendar. **

Journey with Me..✨